I am passionate about helping scientists share their work with others through effective storytelling, and about helping them achieve their full career potential. I received a BSc in chemistry from Duke University and a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Cambridge, then I worked as a postdoc in neuroscience at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine. I obtained research funding from the British Marshall Commission, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UK Medical Research Council, and US National Institutes of Health. Since leaving the bench, I have worked as journal editor, manuscript editor, translator, teacher, and program manager in various scientific fields. I am a native speaker of English and am fluent in Spanish, French, Croatian and German.

I am pleased to work with an international team of carefully selected consultants to provide you with unparalleled service.


Senior Consultant

I have always believed that science, no matter the difficulty or relevance, is meaningless if not communicated clearly. This is the reason I became a scientific communications specialist. I have worked as a biomedical researcher in the US and Germany, funded in part by a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship. Aside from my research experience, I have worked in pharmaceutical production and at an international publisher. I spend much of my time helping researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry prepare their work for submission to journals. I relish the opportunity to help fellow scientists distill their findings into organized, sophisticated text that can convey their hard work and contributions to scientific advancement.


Senior Consultant

I trained originally as an academic researcher in ecology and environmental science, and since then I have been engaged in research projects and conservation initiatives that have required me to translate complex science into stories that can inform and convince various stakeholders. This experience serves me well as I partner with researchers from diverse fields of the life sciences to help them communicate their work effectively to journals and grant agencies. Regardless of the type of research, our clients face the same challenge of carving out their niche in a highly competitive environment. In particular, I enjoy helping clients enhance the flow of their manuscripts to make it easier for the reader to visualize the results and implications of their work.


Senior Consultant

With degrees in biotechnology, biomedical research and science communication and journalism, I am driven by innovative science and powerful communication in order to improve global health. I have worked in academic research, where I was funded by a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, as well as in industry, and now I help scientists communicate their work in publications, grant proposals, and digital media. I also write content for science news outlets. I particularly enjoy contributing to the scientific community by helping researchers to effectively communicate their findings and by educating junior scientists to develop good writing ‘habits’.